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Part 1:

  • Hometown
  1. Where are you from?

I come from Hanoi, which is located in the northern part of Vietnam.

  1. Is it a big city or small town?

Actually, Hanoi is one of the biggest cities after Sai Gon with  millions of drwellers.

  1. Describe your hometown?

Well, as a city that is over one thousand years old, Hanoi has more cultural and historical sites that anywhere else in Vietnam. There are many time-honoured cultural relics in my hometown, such as Temple of Literature, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoan Kiem Lake and the unique imprint that French left on the architecture.

  1. What is the best thing of living in your hometown?

Honestly, a wonderful thing of living in my hometown is that it has a vibrant heart of clubs, bars and restaurants in the Old Quarter, the most interesting part of this city.  For many people, Hanoi will not only give you one of the greatest experiences in life, but  also offer opportunities to develop your career here.

  1. It is suitable for young people to live in?

 Yes, I guess. It’s quite suitable for every young people like me. Because there are more companies, so it’s much easier to find a  good job. Also, the lifestyle in Hanoi is more fun and interesting for young people.  For example, people can go to the cinema, parks or even go shopping for entertainment, while they can’t do that in the countryside.

  • Colours
  1. What was your favorite colour when you were a child?

Well, when I was a child, my favourite colour is red. Because I used to be an active boy, and I always found myself energetic and red colour attracted me lots.

  1. Is that still your favorite color now?

Not really. I love back colour now. I think black colour lovers are majestic and magnificent in nature that too without being loud.

  1. Do you think colors are important?

Yes, definitely. I think colours play an important role in our everyday lives. The link between colours and our emotions, and we even have an abundance of idioms to show what way each colour can affect our mood.

  1. Is color very important to you when you are buying clothes?


Yes, of course.  Color plays a very significant role whenever I shop clothes. Because it doesn’t necessarily have to deal with the ongoing trends but it showcase your personal style. Black, for example, gives me a feeling that I look more slim and more elegant.

Part 2: Describe a part of country you are interested

You should say:

  • Where it is?
  • How did you get to know about it ?
  • What is it famous for?
  • And explain why you think it is interesting?


Well, I would start off by saying about one of interesting places in my country is Danang, located in the Middle of Vietnam, is also known as the third largest city.Last month, I took a car from Hue to Danang with my friends and had a wonderful time there.  I was fasinated with one of the cleanest cities in Vietnam, with rapid growth.

Apart from some shopping highlights and historical sights, the main reason for most travellers staying there is its proximity to the well-known My Khe beach, Lang Co beach, Hoi An and My Son. Also, Danang built many extremely beautiful and unique bridges with architectual legend such Dragon Bridge and Han River Bridge.

You know, Danang is a place for authentic local cuisines. Due to its low volume of visitors, residents’s lives take place the way they have been for years. Many street vendors can be found in the market and along the Han river, I tried a lot of food in this beautiful city such as  My Quang( Quang noodle) and Bun Cha. They are very delicious and special.

Another thing I should mention is a perfect time to visit Danang. It’s around April to May. These months are the beginning of dry season, so it’s not too hot and really suitable for swimming, sunbathing and other outdoor activities. I actually had so many unforgettable memories with my friends there. It was such an amazing experience in our students’lives.

So, that’s why I think Danang is one of a worth-living cities of Vietnam.


Part 3:

  1. Your hometown is a good place to live and travel?

Yes, I believe that my hometown is one the best place to live and travel in Vietnam.  For many young people, Hanoi is a stunning and active cities with a lot of shopping malls, bars, restaurants and many historical sites. Besides, the cost of living in Hanoi is still affordable, despite the fact that there are tonnes of Westerners and Europeans living her to teach English.

  1. Why people want to live in countryside?

Well,  I think there are a several reasons why living in countryside brings some obvious benefits.

Firstly, when irritating noises become a part and percel of city life such as sounds of sirens, honking of cars, people bustling about. So, many people love to live in a such peaceful countryside area. Secondly, living in a countryside will definitely have less pollution and more relaxed pace of life. Of course, the air is much purrer, cleaner and fresher and the overall pace of life is a very relaxed and not at all stressful. It gives you the chance to enjoy the little things in life, connect with nature’s bounty and gives you a lot more time on hand than the city life does.

  1. The difference in culture between city in the north and in the south of VN ( Hanoi vs HCM)?

That’s interesting question. In my opinion, there are for sure many cultural differences between Hanoi and Saigon. Hanoi in the North has always been a main French stronghold and the capital of the former colony. That’s why you can still strong French influence there like old buildings, cuisines,.. While HCM city in the South has developed a unique, yet heavily influenced by China. Besides, the spoken language and pronunciation are quite different. It changes the voice tone and the difference in some vocabulary and pronuncation.

The next thing is bout the lifestyle. While the Northern like more salty, the Southern food is more sweet and spicy. The street food from Hanoi is walking-vender, and HCM is about vehicle-vender such as bicyle food truck.


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