Các Dạng Câu Hỏi Trong IELTS Reading

Bài thi IELTS Reading về cơ bản có 12 dạng câu hỏi, thí sinh chỉ cần nắm vững các bước làm bài và chiến thuật làm bài cho từng dạng thì có thể tự tin dự thi IELTS.

Trong bài thi IELTS Reading có khoảng 12 dạng bài cơ bản sau:

  1. Multiple choice questions ( dạng bài chọn đáp án đúng trong các phương án lựa chọn)

Ví dụ:

Question: What do we know about the lake that Rory visits?

  1. It is near the school
  2. It is used by a lot of people who do water sport 
  3. It is near his home
  4. It is in a village
  1. Short- answer questions ( Chọn từ thích hợp để trả lời câu hỏi)Ví dụ:

Using “ NO MORE THAN FOUR WORDS” for each answer.

Question: What were his parents afraid of?

Answer: his possible health problems ( 4 từ)

  1. Completing tables and flow charts ( điền từ vào bảng / điền từ vào sơ đồ)

Ví dụ:





  1. Completing sentences ( hoàn thành câu)


  1. Completing and labelling diagrams ( hoàn thiện và ghi nhãn sơ đồ)

Ví dụ:


  1. Completing notes and summaries( hoàn thành ghi chú và tóm tắt)

Ví dụ:


  1. Matching information to paragraphs ( Nối thông tin với đoạn văn phù hợp )

Ví dụ:


  1. Matching sentence endings

Ví dụ:


Complete each sentence with the correct ending, A-H, below.

 1. For adult language leaners, an informal setting is better than 
 2. It is obviously the case that children learn languages as a result of 

 3. Adults who have a natural talent for new languages are generally 
 4. Confident people learn languages fast because they are not afraid of

 5. Middle-aged language learners are often unaware that they are 

 A. Taking a negative approach. 
 B. Demonstrating an unusual ability. 
 C. Worrying about the views of others.
 D. Being in a classroom situation.
 E. Losing all sense of identity.
 F. Producing errors in front of others.
 G. Moving to another country.
 H. Living with other speakers of the language


9. Matching features

Match each item with the group which first invented or used them.
Write the correct letter A-E in boxes on your answer sheet 1- 4
NB You may use any letter more than once.

First invented or used by

A    the Chinese
B    the Indians
C    the British
D    the Arabs
E    the Americans


1 black powder.  

2 rocket-propelled arrows for fighting.  

3 rockets as war weapons.  

4 the rocket launcher.  


10.Matching headings

Ví dụ:

Choose the heading which best sums up the primary cause of the problem described in paragraphs D, E, G, H and I of the text. Write the appropriate numbers (i – x) in the boxes on your answer sheet.

List of Headings


Ignorance of the impending disaster


Captain’s orders ignored


Captain’s over-confidence


Rough sea conditions


Faulty design


Iceberg locations not plotted


Low priority placed on safety


Number of lifeboats adequate


Inadequate training


Ice warnings ignored

  1. Paragraph D  

    2) Paragraph E  

    3) Paragraph G  

    4) Paragraph H  

    5) Paragraph I  

11. Identifying information: True/ False/ Not given questions

Ví dụ:

TRUE: if the statement agrees with the information

FALSE: if the statement contradicts the information

NOT GIVEN: if there is no information on this

  1. Jones often takes cycling trips through long distances.
  2. In China, latest economic recession has enabled many people to own a car.
  3. Edward Genochio’s main purpose was to encourage cycles as an environmentally-friendly transport.

12. Identifying author's view or claims: Yes/ No/ Not given questions

Do the statements below agree with the ideas expressed by the author? Write YES, NO or NOT GIVEN.

  1. The majority of choices we make on a daily basis are conscious decisions.
  2. Saving money is the key to financial security.
  3. Habits account for at least 40 percent of the things we do each day.

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